The Bathroom Selfie


Our first image is by far one of the most common situations for the traditional selfie; The Bathroom Selfie. 

For this image, we shot it around dusk with soft window light coming though the window to give the room a bit of an ambient fill that complimented the flash. As you can see, the bathroom light is off because he used the NovaFlash to act as softer directional light. The flash was held just to the right, above the face at arms length to bring a nice fill back in into the subject. 

Pick a flash setting you’d like to use. In this situation we chose the ’Neutral’ setting. Since dusk cast more of a blue hue, we wanted the ‘Neutral’ setting to match the color temperature of the window light. 

Now that your Nova is paired and you flash setting is set, tap the screen once to enable the Exposure and Focus lock wheels. These will help you lock the focus in an image as well as locking your exposure so that the camera doesn’t change it settings while you’re trying to shoot with your Nova. Just drag each wheel to where you would like to lock focus or exposer for the scene. In this case we locked the focus on the face and the exposure on a lighter part of the image. This will help balance the flash with the brighter parts of your image. Your situation may vary so play around with where you should anchor yours.

Once your shot is all set and ready to go, you can shoot the photo by either tapping the camera shutter button on the screen or by using the volume buttons on the side to trigger the shutter. 

Just like that, you’ve taken a bathroom selfie with your Nova Flash. Surprised how easy it was? We clearly were! Don’t forget to tag your images #NovaFlash and we’ll repost our favorite shots on our Instagram feed