The Creative Selfie


There’s no limitations on how creative you can get with your Nova. For this shot, we took this selfie in very little light. 

The Nova was placed inside the book and held about two feet from our subjects face to simulate a glowing effect coming from the book. 

Pick a flash setting you’d like to use. For this shot we chose the ’Gentle’ setting. There wasn’t much light in the room so we didn’t want blow out the subject with any settings that were brighter. You could also experiment with the custom setting for your desired color temperature/light intensity. 

For this scene we pulled our exposure slider over his face that was being lightly lit by the window light. The focus wheel is on the left of the face making sure the image came out sharp.  

Once your shot is all set and ready to go, tap the camera shutter button on the screen or by using the volume buttons on the side to trigger the shutter. 

Now the next time you’re reading a book with your Nova flash handy, you might feel a 
little more ‘enlightened’ when snapping a selfie. Don’t forget to tag your images 
#NovaFlash and we’ll repost our favorite shots on our Instagram feed.