Dusk is a great time to get your Nova out and capture stunning photos. Use it to add directional light and help brighten up a dimly lit scene. For this situation we shot our subject after the sun had gone down, but when it wasn’t fully dark yet. Since this shot would have been impossible if we didn’t use a flash, we were able to pull away from the subject further but still achieve a properly lit portrait. The flash was held to the upper right of the subject about four feet away. 

Choose the ‘bright’ setting in the Nova app, tap the screen to enable the exposure and focus lock wheels. For this shot we placed the focus ring on his face and the exposure wheel just over the left shoulder. Since your Nova will be your main source of light,  don't worry too much about where you put your exposure because the camera will adjust itself to accommodate the brighter flash pop.

Now that you have your subject framed, you’re ready to start snapping. Play around with the distance and direction of your flash depending on your situation.

Tip: The further you pull away from your subject with your Nova, the more fill light you’ll get on to the subject over all. The closer you get, the more focused the light will be where it’s pointed.

Here’s our final image! We want to see want to see your dusk shots! Be sure to tag your #NovaFlash shots on Instagram and we’ll repost our favorite ones.