Split Lit Sunset


Our first image is a split lighting situation. Split lighting is when your light source (in this case the sun) is 90 degrees offset from the subject. In this instance, we used our Nova to fill that split lighting. We shot this at sunset while the sun was still shining on our subject. The sun is 90 degrees to the left and our Nova was held about a foot and a half away from the subjects face to the right. The NovaFlash is set to bright to burst some light into the shadow that was on the face. 

Prior to snapping, make sure your Nova is paired and that your set to the ‘bright’ setting. Next tap the screen to enable the exposure and focus lock wheels. For this portrait we placed the focus ring on his face and the exposure wheel on to his shirt.

Once you get your subject framed, make sure to place your Nova flash to the right distance and direction from your subject. Noticed the photographer here is holding the Nova flash to the right of the face(opposite of the sun side) and about a foot from subject. Once you’re all framed and set, snap a few shots while playing with the distance of your Nova to see what works in your situation. 

Tip: When holding your Nova, point it vertically at your subject so that you can get the most fill light from top to bottom on your subject. 

Here’s our shot! We want to see your sunset split lit photos so don’t forget to tag your #NovaFlash shots and we’ll repost our favorite ones our Instagram Feed

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