Jenny's Low Light Self Portrait Tutorial

Jaimie Walnes

Jenny, one of our happy customers shared her experience using Nova to capture a low light, moody self portrait.

According to Jenny, her first instinct was to use a Nikon camera, along with the self timer to capture the image. She attempted this over and over, adjusting the light, adjusting the aperture and shutter speed. To cut the long story short, the attempt was a total failure.

Being a non pro with low light photography, plus the fact that she was attempting a self portrait, the results were not favorable unless she's looking to shoot a very blurry image with an unrecognizable subject.

And that brings her to the point of using "Nova Flash". She grabbed her wireless flash for iPhone out of her coat pocket and went to work setting up the shot.


Here's how she captured this beautiful low light self portrait.

  1. She opened up the Nova Camera app on her phone and chose the warm setting
  2. She grabbed the little Bluetooth compatible iPhone camera remote and connected it to the device
  3. She set her phone in a Joby tripod
  4. She positioned the Nova Flash under the tripod, propping it up against the tripod legs facing towards her; just a bit to one side of her body/face
  5. After positioning herself and finding the right angel she wanted to project, she hit the camera remote and just like that, Jenny made a pretty decent, moody, maybe even mysterious self portrait.

We're very grateful for the tips Jenny has shared with us and we hope this helps other Nova users to create their own low light portraits!

Follow @iamajenny on her Instagram account to see more of her amazing photos!