Noir Nights


For our first image we had the privilege of watching @richardezeolisa work his magic with Nova. He shot a couple of our favorite ladies @kathoski and @quirkwillwork in the back of this old school Camaro, giving the shot a noir film vibe. This image demonstrates the benefits of having the flash away from the camera lens to to be more creative. 

The best way to make sure you’re getting your shot right when working in low light is to pick the right 'setting' in the Nova app for the shot. Rich went with the ‘neutral’ setting for this one, keeping the Nova's light a little cooler than the warm street lighting. 

When it comes to placement of your Nova, take into the consideration the look you’re going for. Rich placed the Nova underneath and just in front of the girls for his shot. This kept the flash out of view of the camera while still giving the image a surreal light quality.  

Rich shooting into the rear view mirror.

We were super impressed with how this shot came out. Great job @richardezeolisa. Be sure to check out his feed for more of his work and don’t forget to tag your best #NovaFlash shots on @instagram while you’re at it