Nova Takes Joby GorillaPod Out On The Town

Jaimie Walnes

A team of 3 local photographers went out one cold February night in Chicago, with their iPhone, GorillaPod and Nova, to see what they could create.

Nova is a Bluetooth off-camera flash for iPhone, designed to fit in your wallet and be used away from the iPhone, in any direction and at any angle. The light temperature and brightness levels can be controlled from your iPhone. Using Nova with the GorillaPod provides the mobile photographer with control over every aspect of their light to create an outdoor studio, so our group went to test it...

First stop was the top of The Willis Tower (although us natives still call it Sears), where the Nova and GorillaPod are attached to the one of the Sky Deck windows, facing in toward the subject.

Attaching the Nova and Joby to a good surface was easy.

The GorillaPod positioned the Nova in the right place to echo the city lights against the edge of the subject.

Next stop, Logan Square, Milwaukee Avenue.

At first, the Nova and GorillaPod were attached to the railings, but the position was too low.

To achieve a loop lighting effect for the gal, the Nova and GorillaPod were put higher up in a tree and angled down 35 degrees.

Awww yeah!

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Top Tip: Find a good surface to mount your Nova and GorillaPod to, so the light is in the right place and at the right angle to achieve the look you want. Remember, Nova can communicate up to 20 feet away from your iPhone, and the GorillaPod can flex to the right angle, so you have a lot of space to express your creativity.