Nova On The Rocks


During our shoot we learned that @richardezeolisa and @johnphilip3 like their Nova served on the rocks. For this shot Rich had John put the Nova under his drink, but slightly pulled out from underneath so that the flash still had surface area to shine onto his face from below. While it's safe to use your Nova this way, don't let too much condensation drip onto your Nova.

Rich had his Nova on the 'custom' setting for this shot. He slid the cool slider to full power and the warm slider to about ¾ power so that it didn't overpower the warmness of the ambient light on the patio.

Tip: You can flash your Nova remotely up to 15 feet away.

We loved how this shot came out Rich! Be sure to check out his feed for more of his work and don't forget to tag your best #NovaFlash shots on @instagram while you're at it.