The Outdoor Selfie


For this shot, we shot this selfie on the ‘Bright’ setting outside on a patio just after the sun had set. The ambient blue sky and string lights added a bit of fill light and added some great color to the scene. 

The Nova was placed on a flexible tripod with a smart phone mount on it just off camera to the left about 3 feet. If you don’t have a tripod like this, find a way to elevate and lean your flash above eye level.

Tip: a piece of clear tape and a water bottle can work to hold your Nova.

There are no rules to how and where to place your Nova so just get creative with it! 

Outdoor 3 settings.jpg

Pick a flash setting you’d like to use. In this situation we chose the ’Bright’ setting. Since there was a good amount of ambient natural light we needed a setting that was strong enough to blast some light back onto our subject. 

For this scene we pulled our exposure slider over to a semi bright part of the image scene. The exposure wheel is half way between the sky and tree line giving our starting exposure just enough darkness/brightness to even out the flash. 

Once your shot is all set and ready to go, tap the camera shutter button on the screen or by using the volume buttons on the side to trigger the shutter. 

Don’t be shy when sharing and tagging your selfie using #NovaFlash. Tag your images and we’ll repost our favorite shots on our Instagram feed