Wanna take incredible black and white photos?

Joe Walnes

Pro iPhoneographer Jeff Simpson @breadgeek from Maine has kindly shared his hints and tips with the community so you can make the most of your phone.

"I love how accessible mobile photography is, I can see and capture inspiration everywhere. I'm drawn to low key photography because of its crisp, clean, alluring and evocative feel. It adds that touch of intimacy and emotion to a shot."

To capture this shot, Jeff used a regular tripod with a Joby GripTight Mount for the iPhone and stuck his Nova to the tripod using velcro (but if you're lucky enough to own 2 Mounts that'll work better!). The camera is set 2 feet away and to the left of his son, with the Nova facing back towards the subject. The photos was taken in pitch black with the Nova set on bright to achieve the look. Sweet.

Jeff used a black backdrop in his studio, but you can use any dark background or an app such as Filterstorm Neue to adjust the darks and lights separately.

"If you're new to this style, it's helpful to pay attention to the light, watch where shadows are cast and play with moving the Nova to achieve different moods."

In this shot, the camera is again located 2 feet in front of Jeff's wife, but the Nova is mounted high and to the right. The Nova was used on the bright setting in pitch black.

"My wife harasses me because I plan and see the photo in my head before I shoot and then get the image in the first couple of tries. My wife works the opposite way, taking lots of shots and choosing the best - go with whatever works for you."

Check out Jeff's work and his Virtual Self Portrait Workshops.

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